Position: Behavioural Consultant
Term: Full time/Part time
Where: Monarch House Autism Centre
Description: Job Description: This function is responsible for the assessment and implementation of behavioural interventions for clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental delays. This generally encompasses six key domains in the Autism field: Social skill, cognitive, communication, play skills, emotional functioning/self regulation, and life skills. The Behaviour Consultant looks at the client’s individual’s skills and development, and the environment in which those skills are being used. The role of the Behaviour Consultant at Monarch House Autism Centre is to work as part of an interdisciplinary team to assess client’s needs and family priorities, to integrate all clinical information to develop a behavior plan of intervention for each client, monitor client’s progress and Behaviour Plan of Intervention making updates on a regular basis both by direct observation of the child as well as by analyzing program data, train interventionists, provide written and verbal feedback to behavior interventionists as specified, chair client team meetings, train/educate family members, work collaboratively with community professionals, identify and develop necessary supports for child (as appropriate) (ie. Visual supports, functional assessments of behavior), provides positive behavior support strategies to address maladaptive behavior, develop transition plans as necessary, write termination and progress reports as required, stay current on evidence based practices. Mentoring Senior Behaviour Interventionists and maintaining a positive overall therapeutic milieu is an integral aspect of this role Qualifications (guidelines for professional practice) Masters Degree in Psychology, Educational Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Special Education or other related field. Autism Spectrum Disorder specific coursework, training or workshops. Specific training in the field of Applied Behavioural Analysis (Board certification as a Behaviour Analyst an asset, but not a requirement) If working with under the age of 6 clients: Identification on the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP) Experience with the delivery of a variety of interventions to clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders or other developmental disabilities. Appropriate college membership and other professional associations related to the field. Current Drivers License Clearance from a criminal record check Strong interpersonal and communication skills with a variety of age groups
Fill by: Dec 1, 2012
Contact: Chelsea Ganam