Open Letter to Parents, Stakeholders and Staff in Ontario

February 11th, 2019

Open Letter to Parents, Stakeholders and Staff in Ontario:

Following Minister Lisa MacLeod’s announcement on February 6th, there is no doubt the funding landscape for Autism services has changed. On one hand, access to diagnostic services just got better for so many more families across Ontario who are still in the dark around diagnosis so that they may soon have answers. On the other hand, thinly spreading the available funding significantly changes the ability for many children to continue with their current ABA treatment. The effects of less intensive treatment for many children will undoubtedly impact their intended outcomes.

This new funding model requires a change in expectations. While this is challenging to the status quo, Monarch House remains committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based Applied Behaviour Analytic (ABA) treatments to children, youth, and adults with autism and other related developmental disorders. 

Our 10 years of experience operating as Monarch House in BC, Alberta, and Ontario has taught us to adapt to changing funding models in tandem with ensuring our treatment continues to be best practice. We have been able to provide treatment models which strive to provide the best possible outcomes for the children, the best value for families, and ensure our staff continue to be employed. Our Monarch House employees will do everything possible to help families through this transitional period; we will collaborate with families and funders while looking at each child as a unique individual. We will continue to innovate, leverage technology, expand locations, and explore the most current best-practice staffing models all while working with all Governments across the country to increase awareness and shift policy to ensure no child is denied access to the best treatment available.

Monarch House thanks its parents and families for their patience and support, and is committed to providing the best services possible to every child as we transition to the new funding model in April.




Tracie Lindblad, M.Sc, Reg. SLP, M.Ed, BCBA 

Clinical Director 

Monarch House