Brittany Frank, Physiotherapist and Regional Clinical Lead, shares the benefits of collaboration and mental health work as part of an interdisciplinary approach.


How long have you been at CBI Health and what is your role?

I started with CBI Health in 2012 as a Physiotherapist working out of our Hospital Side location in Red Deer, just north of the Red Deer Regional Hospital. When I moved to Edmonton, I reached out to my manager to express interest in pursuing a leadership opportunity and was supported and directed along that path to my current role as Regional Clinical Lead.


What educational and collaboration opportunities have you had?

The internal courses offered by CBI Health, which are available to all therapists, have enhanced my ability to treat very acute pain and thoroughly plan a treatment program, as well as enhanced my treatment skills. This can be highly specific such as the concussion and vestibular courses taught by clinicians and other healthcare professionals, or with manual therapy and exercise.

Our network at CBI Health is expansive and offers an excellent opportunity to collaborate to support our clients. I’ve had the chance to work with psychologists to learn about mental health and when is the best time to refer over for treatment. They have also educated me on the best way to communicate with certain personality types and how we can collaborate the mental and physical aspects of client care.



Can you tell me about your approach to working with clients?

The origin and experience of pain are rooted both in what your body experiences as well as having a psychological impact. It can be difficult to recover if you have a fear of pain. I often work closely with clients, determining the cause and nature of their pain and connecting certain types of pain to making progress and achieving their goals. Change can be incredibly slow in the client’s mind, so I work to keep them focused on the big picture and recognize the progress in their range of motion and function. I use the metaphor to look at their recovery as a staircase with the end goal at the top; it’s not about reaching for the top but taking small steps at the pace that works for them. I have found this method has made a significant impact on my client’s life and recovery process.


How do you prevent caregiver fatigue?

CBI Health has been great, particularly in the last year during the pandemic, promoting mental health for caregivers and ensuring we have the help we need with the EAP as well as our benefits package. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to take a course that addressed burnout. It was amazing at showing us we are not alone and to understand our own limits as therapists.


What motivates and drives your work?

My mom was an Registered Nurse and inspired me to pursue a career in health services. Playing sports growing up, combined with my fascination with understanding physiology and how the body recovers from injuries, lead me to pursuing physiotherapy. I transitioned from a hands-on practitioner to a leader for the opportunity to grow myself as well as to help the clinics and clinicians continue to develop. In both roles, I love talking to people and helping them reach their goals. Knowing the work that I do is building a stronger team for all of us internally and with clients is very rewarding.


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