Career and Employment Services



Helping You With Your Job Search and Placement

Gaining employment can be challenging and overwhelming and individuals with disabilities may face additional employment barriers. That is why we are here to connect you with the right resources and training to suit your specific skills and strengths. We can help you secure meaningful employment that is realistic and rewarding!


This Program is for You if You Are:

  • 18 years of age or older and reside in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo
  • Unemployed, marginally employed (less than 15 hours per week) or under-employed (position below your level of education and experience) with a permanent or long-term disability that requires support to overcome barriers* in obtaining and maintaining employment
  • An Albertan who identifies as having a lack of essential skills, a lack of occupational skills and limited work exposure
  • An income support recipient preparing to enter the workforce
  • An AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) recipient
  • A Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who is eligible to work in Canada

*Barriers may include but are not limited to mental health issues, addictions, developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, ex-offenders, illiteracy, inability to maintain long-term employment, age, and a lack of marketable skills.


Services Provided by the Employment Program Include:

  • One-to-one employment counseling: Targeting jobs and labour market information, helping you identify your interests, skills and abilities as it relates to employment
  • Softs skills workshops: Promoting work readiness and your skills, goals for self-management in the return to work process and tools to help you stay in the workplace
  • Guided job search skills: Tailoring search and tools, applying for jobs and networking and professional communications
  • Résumé writing and cover letter preparation
  • Interview skills and mock interview role play
  • Assisting you in securing suitable, safe, accessible and sustainable employment
  • Follow-up support with you and your employer after job placement


The Employment Program Can Help You:

  • Boost employability
  • Gain a sustainable job placement
  • Transition successfully into your new role
  • Increase your earnings and interests
  • Eliminate your reliance on income supports 


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