Since July of 1996, CBI Health Group has been committed to the external accreditation process through CARF, achieving the maximum accreditation outcome in all the surveys conducted within CBI facilities across Canada. CBI continues to value the accreditation process and has added newer components of the organization, such as the Home Health division, to its goal of achieving accreditation.  Accreditation coordination is led by a Director of Accreditation who works with all CBI Health Group facilities from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.  

CBI Health Group believes that CARF accreditation helps consumers and other service providers to identify those organizations that meet independent, nationally and internationally recognized standards for excellent rehabilitation programs.

The "Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities" - CARF, is an international standards setting and accrediting organization, with offices in Tucson Arizona, Washington DC and CARF Canada provides support from its office in Edmonton Alberta. CARF is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit agency that uses a peer review process to accredit rehabilitation facilities around the world against a broad range of business and service delivery guidelines. Conformance to the CARF standards assesses an organization's ability to meet or exceed standards for leadership, strategic planning, client's rights, use of technology, financial management, legal, risk management, data integration, health and safety, accessibility, human resource practices, ethical conduct and ethical business practices, as well as specific service delivery models that demonstrate benefit to those clients served. CARF standards require comprehensive and ongoing quality assurance processes and program outcome analysis to be integrated into day to day operations. Accreditation site surveys are conducted by experienced surveyors who act as the "eyes and ears" for CARF and report on their observations and findings, as well as provide consultation to the organization.  Based on the information provided by the survey team, CARF makes a decision on the level of accreditation awarded. 

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