Charissa Vogt, Registered Kinesiologist shares the importance and benefits of education, mental health awareness, and mentorship.


What is your role, and how do you work with clients?

I am a Registered Kinesiologist. I've been working with CBI Health for four years, both hands-on and as a mentor. Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, I've had to rapidly transition to a new, remote way of delivering care. It was astounding how much we depended on clients having access to equipment. In response to that gap, we became more creative in both our exercises and the kinds of equipment we used. At the same time, a big part of my job is to teach clients how to do things independently, so that stayed the same.

As a Registered Kinesiologist, I will work with clients experiencing functional issues due to concussions, muscular injuries, or chronic pain and illness such as fibromyalgia. The key is to help people increase their knowledge and educate them on the benefit of exercise, making sure they understand that some pain may flare up when trying new things. It's about being aware of hurt vs. harm. Pain doesn't always equal damage, and understanding the difference is something that we reinforce. Pacing is another one. We want clients to respect their energy limits, acknowledge fatigue, know when to take breaks, and how to spread demands out so they can improve their activity tolerance.

How else do you help clients understand their recovery journey?

We always try to normalize how a client feels while emphasizing that it is truly a personal journey. It can be very frustrating for clients who want to know when they can achieve the next goal, take the next step. So my role is to help them understand that it's unique for everyone, normalize how they feel, and set realistic expectations around their recovery. I want to minimize frustration, so it doesn't hinder their progress. I want to educate them so they understand that flare-ups of pain are expected, are a normal part of recovery, and that we will help them understand how to manage flare-ups when they happen. They have to trust me, the process, and themselves.



What sort of training and educational opportunities have been offered to you at CBI Health?

Working at CBI Health has given me the chance to treat clients experiencing a wide range of injuries and pain. There are exciting professional challenges around helping someone experiencing chronic pain. The chance to incorporate mental health awareness into treatments is also unique. Personally, that was a fantastic learning opportunity. Working with clients who are suffering from mental health issues is not common for a Kinesiologist, and it's rewarding to be part of that at CBI Health. The training – risk assessment and safety planning, concussion management, pain management – and exposure I've received here allows me to help people through all types of mental health issues. I have the awareness to offer meditation and mindfulness education to all of my clients as needed. If a client comes in and is extremely anxious or worked up, I can take them away from what they're doing and take them somewhere quiet to do muscle relaxation and meditation.


Do you enjoy the mentorship aspect of your role?

The opportunity to work as a mentor is gratifying. It's a chance to move along my career path while helping to onboard new Kinesiologists and get them to a place where they are comfortable working with clients. It's a chance to share best practices and help someone grow in their own skills. I'm always bringing new ideas into my care and my routine that I learn from others.


What motivates and drives your work?

I am genuinely passionate about exercise, fitness, and leading a healthy lifestyle. As a varsity athlete in high school and university, I suffered from multiple acute injuries, including a terrible concussion and severe side effects for years. I never wanted anyone else to experience that. I wanted people to have the resources to return to living their best lives quickly. Whether it's helping someone return to work, pick up their grandchild or just be mobile, I know I'm making an impact empowering people to achieve their recovery goals.

As part of the CBI Health team, I learn not just from the success stories of others but from the times when something didn't work. It's about looking at a case and recognizing what else we can try. Ultimately, it's amazing to be recognized by the business and by our community when you have helped someone. It means I'm doing my job well.


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