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CBI Health continues to support clients across Canada throughout the pandemic, when and where they need it most. In this ‘Connected Care Story’, our team provided virtual psychotherapy services to *Florence, a client in the Greater Toronto Area who was suffering from anxiety.

Florence had always been an active and upbeat person. She ran fitness classes in her local community before the pandemic began and moved them online when businesses were forced to close. She was very creative and enjoyed making fun playlists for her classes and coming up with new dance routines.

Unfortunately, Florence was involved in a car accident a couple months ago and could no longer run her classes. After being referred to CBI Health by her auto insurance adjuster, she began working with a psychotherapist to identify and address the feelings of anxiousness that she was experiencing as a result of the incident.

She began treatment in person and then transitioned to virtual care with a mixture of phone and video sessions, to accommodate her schedule and preference to participate in the sessions from home. With each session, Florence’s psychotherapist provided her with psychoeducation to navigate how she was feeling. She had to learn what anxiety was in order to understand how it affected her and how it can be managed. During the sessions, they also identified that the increased anxiety she was feeling was partially related to social isolation due to the pandemic. They created a plan to enable Florence to reconnect with herself and better manage her anxiety.

Florence’s psychotherapist also encouraged her to write down her thoughts in between sessions. She had never written poetry before, but found herself sharing her feelings in the form of a poem about the pandemic. This was a new creative lens for her to express herself in a meaningful way.

The psychotherapist says Florence is progressing well and has reduced her sessions from weekly to bi-weekly. She has learned to regain her positive attitude and upbeat energy, and she proactively comes prepared for her sessions with a checklist of things that she would like to talk about. The sessions have also acted as a way to help her maintain structure in her day.

*Client’s name has been changed