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Virtual care / telehealth services has allowed CBI Health clients nationwide to receive their necessary care at home during COVID-19, including Betty, a client in Abbotsford, British Columbia who has pain and fear of movement stemming from a workplace injury.

WorkSafeBC referred Betty for treatment through a Pain and Medication Management Program for groin and hip pain. She participated in the program for four weeks in person before the COVID-19 pandemic started. She was responding very well to the social components of the group setting as a mood booster, and frequently sought out team members for help during pain flares.

When the program moved online, there were concerns that Betty would lose the social connections she had made while attending the sessions in person. The CBI Health team guided Betty through the process to get started and join the program virtually. She was able to easily join the online group classes through calendar invitations, record her exercise routines and progress, and interact with her healthcare providers. The team quickly started to see the return of her “happy, bubbly” personality, smiling and laughing with the other class members. The sessions reinforced the importance of having social connections in her life rather than withdrawing from others when in pain.

During her virtual care / telehealth sessions, Betty learned about pain education and received multiple coping strategies to help through flares, while also working toward acceptance and self-compassion. She made use of mindfulness, breathing exercises, heat therapy, gentle stretches, acupressure, and cognitive reframing techniques.

Betty is thankful to the CBI Health team for their help and says they provided her with the tools, advice and experience she needed. "Everyone on the team was understanding, helpful, easy to communicate with, and always helped me to understand my pain and body and helped me through the good and bad days,” she said.

Prior to joining the program, Betty had been seeking treatment at the hospital emergency room almost weekly to deal with her pain. Since joining, she has not visited the ER once.