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Our team at CBI Health often works together with other community healthcare providers to ensure all clients receive timely and tailored care at various stages of their recovery journeys. This ‘Connected Care Story’ dives into the support provided to Diana, a client in Alberta who was recovering from multiple injuries after an accident.

After sustaining many fracture injuries, Diana underwent surgery and was hospitalized for ten days.


“The only reason I was in hospital that long was it was difficult to determine where I would go because I had fractures in both my right arm and leg and therefore stairs were not an option for me. My house is full of stairs."


To ensure Diana could return home in a timely manner, an integrated team came together to find a solution that would help her transition back to living at her house again comfortably. Diana worked with an Occupational Therapist at the hospital who assessed her needs and created a plan that would allow her to temporarily live on the second floor of her home.

Once Diana was able to be discharged from the hospital and had time to settle into her living space, she began to work with a Physiotherapist from Alberta Health Services. She also received daily care and support from Alia, one of our Health Care Aides at CBI Health, to assist her with everyday tasks such as getting dressed each morning.


“I felt cared for and supported to progress in my healing at a scary and uncertain time for me. Alia wins the award for fastest and most comfortable compression sock administrator! She is so kind and professional, as well. She preserves the dignity and safety of her patients based on my experience.”


After discussing what mattered to her and seeing her determination to make strides in her recovery, Diana’s physiotherapist put together a rehabilitation program with focused goals on gradually resuming her daily activities at home and building enough strength to walk down the stairs. With time, she slowly became capable of bearing weight on her right leg, and eventually was able to successfully walk down the stairs – one step at a time.

Diana recognizes that although she is still working on making a full recovery, she has been greatly encouraged by the important goals she has accomplished so far. She is especially thankful for the thoughtful, supportive healthcare professionals who tailored rehabilitation services and daily home care according to her needs, helping her tremendously in her healing journey.


“I think until you’ve needed home care, it’s hard to imagine the importance of the funding and service of allied health professionals. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if home care had not been an option. I still have a long way to go, but gratitude for the people that helped me along the way is the force that keeps me going.”