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The expansion of our virtual care program into even more communities across Canada has been beneficial for people who are unable to come into a clinic for treatment. Typically the virtual environment would emulate the clinic experience, but in this Connected Care story, Kevin* was able to take advantage of his surroundings to receive treatment in a unique and creative way.

Kevin is a new client who has lived with a chronic hip condition for several months, which limited his ability to bear weight and heavily impacted his mobility. One of our physiotherapists conducted a virtual assessment with him and found that his functional movement had been severely reduced. Kevin was not able to participate in sessions in the clinic, so he took advantage of a tailored, virtual treatment plan designed to address his specific health concerns.

After a few treatment sessions, Kevin told his physiotherapist that he has a pool and that being in the water seems to relieve some of the pain he was experiencing. This sparked an idea to use Kevin’s personal environment – his pool – to deliver treatment sessions that would help improve both his recovery time and his frame of mind.

After some troubleshooting together, Kevin was able to safely set up a laptop by his pool. While he was in the water, his physiotherapist guided him through a variety of aqua therapy techniques and strengthening exercises. This included simple water resistance activities like walking from one end of the pool to the other, and complex exercises such as holding onto the diving board and lifting both legs to various angles. These movements helped strengthen Kevin’s hip and increased his endurance in a manner that was less painful than regular exercises due to being unweighted in the water.

As they continued the program, Kevin’s physiotherapist noticed an immense improvement in his mobility and in his frame of mind. Now that he was able to exercise with less pain, while doing something he enjoys, Kevin was able to stick to his routine and complete water exercises in between his treatment sessions. This resulted in a substantial decrease in pain and significant improvement to his functional movement and hip strength.

Kevin said he had received treatment at other clinics before he found CBI Health, but said he has never received this type of personalized care, encouragement and support. He is extremely pleased with his results and experience working with his physiotherapist at CBI Health.

*Client's name has been changed