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CBI Health is making it easy for our clients to access essential virtual care/telehealth services at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This ‘Connected Care Story’ explains how we provided support to *Chris, a client in Belleville, Ontario who was initially apprehensive about accessing care online

Chris was off work and struggling with his mental health, resulting in him seeking care to assist with his depression. He was hesitant to participate in a treatment program virtually and was concerned that it would not be as effective as connecting with someone face to face. Soon after his sessions began, Chris was pleasantly surprised that the quality of treatment and interactions with his occupational therapist and kinesiologist online was the same as in person. By using screen-sharing technologies, he was able to review documents and make progress pertaining to his health goals together with his therapist, while also completing exercise routines with his kinesiologist.

Chris was able to do exercises virtually while also using educational guides and information provided by his healthcare team at CBI Health. These exercises helped with his depression, as he had not been getting enough physical activity because of his low mood. His kinesiologist developed a customized exercise plan with him to keep him energized, and Chris learned how to strengthen his upper and lower body muscles. He has since adopted these exercises into his new daily routine and lifestyle.

For Chris, receiving care at home proved to be more efficient than in the clinic because he felt comfortable in his home environment, and just as effective. He quickly adapted to virtual care saying, “I like the fact that you can relate the information to my level so I can easily understand it as this is out of my element a bit.”

Chris says the treatment he received has helped him a lot.

“Mental health and depression is a very real issue for many Canadians and getting help to learn how to better cope with it by using strategies you have taught me is very important,” he said.

*Client’s name has been changed