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Throughout the pandemic, clients across Canada continue to receive tailored care to support them in their recovery journeys. In this ‘Connected Care Story’, our team in the east coast delivered an accessible, flexible care program to *Nova, a breast cancer survivor in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Nova had worked in finance for many years before she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a job she loved and brought her a lot of joy. Unfortunately, she had to take a one-year leave from work during her cancer recovery. The treatment left her extremely fatigued from her radiation and chemotherapy, and she spent most days sleeping. She also had to carry out most of the household work and chores on her own during the day, which was very exhausting.

Nova missed being at work and wanted to rebuild her stamina so that she could return. She was referred to CBI Health for virtual physiotherapy and occupational therapy so that she could participate in the sessions at home. Nova was initially very hesitant to begin her treatment sessions virtually, as she was not very tech savvy. The team helped guide her through the digital platform, from setting up her account to joining the virtual sessions. As she became more familiar with the platform, she was relieved and excited that she could receive treatment at home.

After conducting an assessment with Nova, her physiotherapist designed a personalized care program to address her specific concerns and goals. To help improve her mobility and build her strength, she practiced lifting cans and weighted grocery bags. In addition, she used a towel and a chair to mimic pushing and pulling activities. She also joined an online group exercise program for CBI Health clients and participated in sessions three times each week for six weeks.

As Nova moved through the program, her energy levels began to increase and she no longer had to nap during the day. She was very motivated throughout her treatment, and eventually she gained enough strength to lift her grandchildren and play with them again.

Nova has completed the first part of her care program, and is now working with her healthcare team on a return to work plan. She is excited to have regained some normalcy in her life, and is thankful to the team for all of their help.

*Client’s name has been changed