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CBI Health is thankful to receive support from the community to help our clients get the care they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes CAA’s roadside assistance program for frontline support workers, who are providing essential healthcare services to clients in need of care at home.

It was early in the morning when Darla, a Personal Support Worker from Barrie, Ontario, was on her way to see her first two clients of the day—one who required palliative care and another who was bedridden with seizures. She was driving along Highway 400 towards Aurora when she felt one of her back tires blow out.

Darla navigated from the middle lane to the side of the road safely and swiftly, and called her team to inform them of the situation. She always puts her clients first, so she was concerned that she would be stuck on the side of the highway for hours and no one would be able to help them in time.

“You build that friendship and trust with your clients and they depend on the services we provide, so I was very worried,” she said.

Darla’s team at CBI Health quickly came together to support her and ensure her safety. Her Client Care Manager knew that CAA was providing complimentary roadside assistance to health care workers, and shared their phone number. CAA was prompt to respond and sent a representative to meet Darla and put on a spare tire for her. As a result, she was able to get back on the road and see her clients within an hour.

Darla was overwhelmed with emotion from the assistance she received from her team at CBI Health and from CAA. She felt safe while dealing with a flat tire along the side of a major highway, and was still able to deliver timely care to the clients we serve.