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During the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBI Health team in Calgary (Chinook), Alberta has been using telehealth and video chat services to provide treatment to clients at home while keeping them safe, healthy and engaged during their recovery. This ‘Connected Care Story’ highlights how our team helped *Ellen, who is recovering from a concussion she had eight months ago.

Ellen was making great strides in her recovery while receiving treatment and working on her concussion rehabilitation plan with our team. But after the COVID-19 outbreak, she had to self-isolate due to travel and was unable to visit the clinic. She worried that she would lose all of her progress.

The team at the Chinook location quickly used telehealth to provide Ellen with care over the phone, offering solutions for her dizziness, anxiousness and headaches. They gave her coping strategies for relaxation, cognitive exercises, and pain management exercises to do in-between her telehealth sessions.

Ellen was extremely grateful and said this approach was practical and helpful. She is continuing to improve on her concussion recovery, while feeling reassured, confident and empowered to take charge of her rehabilitation journey.

*Client’s name has been changed