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CBI Health is proud to share inspiring, ongoing stories about our clients’ recovery journeys and how our team is supporting them through virtual care/telehealth at home. This ‘Connected Care Story’ demonstrates the comprehensive care our Campbell River, BC team provided to help *Adrianna recover from shoulder injury.

Adrianna sustained a fall over a month ago, which left her with pain and greatly reduced mobility in the rotator cuff muscles of her shoulder. Being retired at home, her injury made it especially difficult to move around and complete everyday tasks.

In a time of physical distancing, Adrianna was unsure of how effective a virtual physiotherapy session would be, or what to expect from it.

Her physiotherapist, who has helped her through various injuries in the past, connected with her through video chat to assess her area of pain. Through online sessions, her physiotherapist was able to clearly explain the course of treatment and build a customized exercise plan for her to follow that would address the tightness and strain she was experiencing in her shoulder.

Adrianna’s physiotherapist also provided helpful modules and videos so that she could continue doing the exercises properly and comfortably in between her treatment sessions. If Adrianna had any questions come up throughout the day, her physiotherapist was always available to answer them via email or phone.

After four virtual treatment sessions so far, Adrianna is happy to be making great progress in her recovery. She has noticed a vast improvement in her shoulder’s range of motion and is now completely pain-free. Most importantly, she has been able to resume the lifestyle and daily activities that matter to her. Moving forward, Adrianna will be working to strengthen her shoulder muscles even further with the exercises and stretches she has been incorporating into her regular routine.

Although Adrianna initially felt hesitant to try virtual care, she is pleased with the positive, seamless experience of moving her physiotherapy sessions online and the treatment she has been receiving.

“I am so happy to have had this opportunity to continue my rehabilitation and am very pleased with my progress, which would not have happened if I had been unable to continue physio,” she says.

Adrianna has noticed an significant change within herself – both physically and mentally – and has gained even greater motivation towards her recovery. She’s looking forward to continuing her online sessions from the comfort of her home, while progressively becoming stronger with each day.

*Client’s name has been changed