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This ‘Connected Care Story’ looks at how our Home Health team was able to support Jocelyn*, a client with serious cognitive and physical injuries who required specialized care and a tailored treatment plan.

One day while Jocelyn was out for a hike, she slipped and fell onto a rocky part of the trail, causing multiple injuries to her body and trauma to her head. Her friend immediately called an ambulance and she was rushed to the hospital. She stayed in the hospital for several weeks before she was medically stable enough to leave.  

While she was relieved to leave the hospital, many challenges remained. Due to the nature of her injuries, Jocelyn needed help with many basic activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, walking, speaking, and even chewing and swallowing her food. Typically, hospital patients in similar situations would participate in therapy sessions at the hospital before leaving. This was not possible due to COVID-19, so Jocelyn was referred to the team at CBI Health.

Our Home Health team was able to support Jocelyn by creating a customized treatment plan that addressed all of her specific mobility and cognitive health challenges following her injuries. The team included a personal support worker to support her with daily activities, a nurse for wound care, a speech language pathologist to assist with her speech, an occupational therapist to help with her cognition, and a physiotherapist to help her regain her strength. Extra safety measures were taken for in-home visits and, as her conditions began to improve, Jocelyn participated in some virtual care sessions as well.

As Jocelyn continues with her treatment plan, her health and mobility has improved and she has begun to walk, speak, and dress on her own. Her cognition has also improved and she is now able to articulate her thoughts and talk to her loved ones again. Jocelyn has already made significant strides in her recovery journey, and she appreciates the ongoing support and care from her team at CBI Health.

*Client’s name has been changed