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CBI Health is providing virtual care for clients of all ages and enabling them to return to the daily activities that matter to them. In this ‘Connected Care Story’, our team designed a flexible rehabilitation plan for *Stephen, a college student recovering from a sports-related shoulder injury.

Stephen was an athletic and outgoing student who was actively involved in extracurricular activities at school, in addition to playing musical instruments in his spare time. However, after sustaining a shoulder dislocation while participating in sports earlier in the year, his active lifestyle came to an abrupt halt and he was left with severe pain.

Before starting physiotherapy, Stephen received a strong recommendation from his doctor to undergo a course of shoulder immobilization for four weeks, in order to allow his shoulder to heal properly and minimize risk of re-injury.

Stephen was referred to CBI Health for post-operative physiotherapy. As his injury was sustained during the pandemic, he participated in his treatment sessions through remote care and video conferencing.

Stephen’s physiotherapist was able to create a comprehensive treatment plan for him, incorporating his surgeon’s recommendations to ensure that they worked through exercises that would not compromise his immobilized shoulder. Instead, he guided Stephen through low-intensity exercises that focused on strengthening his neck and back muscles to improve his posture – an important component that would help him resume playing his musical instruments over time.

Once the four weeks had passed and Stephen was able to begin moving his shoulder again, his physiotherapist transitioned him to a program of gentle strengthening exercises, gradually reintroducing his shoulder to load-bearing movements. As Stephen’s strength started to build with each session, he learned to use resistance bands to perform a variety of stabilizing shoulder movements and full body exercises, such as plank holds and high-intensity interval training. He also worked towards improving his range of motion by completing everyday tasks, such as sweeping the floor and carrying common household items.

Following three months of regular treatment sessions with his physiotherapist, Stephen has made a full recovery and has regained healthy function and mobility in his shoulder. Exercise played a significant part in his life before his injury and he is excited to be able to pick up his favourite sports again – pain-free.

Stephen will be returning to college in the fall and will continue with his school program virtually.

*Client’s name has been changed