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CBI Health is using virtual care/telehealth to continue delivering effective treatment to clients in the wake of the pandemic. This ‘Connected Care Story’ describes how our team used specialized therapy to support *Noah, a client who was experiencing distress and anxiety following a traumatic event.

Noah was a healthy young man who worked for four years as a courier. He was about halfway through his route deliveries one day, when he was held up at gunpoint in his courier truck. The incident traumatized him and left him with distressing psychological symptoms . He was unable to sleep or conduct normal activities, and his relationship with his family became strained. His mental distress left him feeling anxious, his energy was dissipated, and he had to take a leave of absence from work.

Noah was always sociable and actively involved with his church and his family. After the traumatic event occurred, he withdrew from his faith and community. He also developed a fear of driving, which not only affected his employment, but his family life. He no longer felt comfortable or safe driving his daughter to and from daycare, which he had always looked forward to doing.

Noah was referred to CBI Health and the team began treatment with him in person before the pandemic began.

Prior to the pandemic, the team spent months doing exposure therapy to help Noah navigate his triggers, which included guns, his uniform, and the vehicle involved in the incident. They went to a car dealership to see the model of vehicle from the incident. They went to a hunting store for exposure to guns in display cases. They also worked with his employer who permitted access to the courier truck. They practiced getting inside the truck, driving it around the parking lot, and then eventually driving the exact delivery route Noah took when the incident occurred.

When the pandemic hit, Noah’s healthcare team transitioned his treatment sessions to phone calls. They continued to track his progress and goals, which addressed the importance he places on his faith, repairing his familial relationship, and returning to work.

Throughout the entire process, Noah was very trusting and put forth a strong effort to work through his challenging experiences. He began managing his triggers and made tremendous progress in his recovery journey .

Noah demonstrated resiliency and personal growth throughout the process, and he is now back on the road and working full-time as a courier again.

*Client’s name has been changed