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CBI Health continues to make our clients’ safety and well-being our top priority. This ‘Connected Care Story’ outlines how the team in Kingston, Ontario took all the necessary measures to ensure their clients felt safe and could continue treatment when the city experienced a COVID-19 outbreak.

Throughout the pandemic, CBI Health has been very cautious about treating clients, offering virtual care and telehealth, and delivering urgent care services when needed under strict guidelines and protocols. In Kingston, the team continues to monitor the situation locally and increase precautionary measures to ensure the safety of both clients and staff.

Although the city of Kingston was doing well, with zero cases of COVID-19 reported on numerous occasions, the clinic team was diligent and continued to take the pandemic very seriously.

The recent outbreak in the city of Kingston resulted in 37 positive cases so far and thousands of people being tested.*

The team quickly rallied to adapt. The clinic manager called each and every client personally to let them know about the outbreak and options for them to continue receiving treatment safely. He explained the policies the team has implemented including:

  • Restricting capacity to a maximum of four people in the clinic at all times
  • Screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to every shift and every client visit
  • Using plexiglass and ‘zones’ to maintain physical distancing when possible
  • Cleaning all surfaces every hour and before and after each client visit

“We’re sanitizing everything and washing our hands frequently,” said Kyle Seagram, clinic manager. “Whenever I see a client, I let them know what we've done to clean the space and equipment before their appointment. I think that little extra touch of telling clients when they come in exactly what we've already done makes them feel more comfortable.”

Although many clients prefer in-person care, he encourages virtual assessments and treatments whenever possible, especially for those who are high risk. “If you have a cardiac or respiratory problem for example, we set you up virtually and guide you through that process,” said Seagram. This not only reduces the overall risk, but also allows for treatment to continue should there be another outbreak in the community.

CBI Health is always committed to being there for our clients, when and where they need us most. Our flexible care model (both virtual and in-person) enables us to provide care and support in a way that is safe for our clients, for our staff, and for the community at large.

* Estimate as of July 6, 2020