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CBI Health is dedicated to supporting our clients with their complex developmental disorders, by facilitating virtual therapy sessions in a progressive, online learning environment.

Since the pandemic started, the specialized team in our Monarch House division has been providing virtual learning using video sessions to support a group of eight children and their parents.

The children, aged six to nine, all have some form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and their parents were finding it difficult to fill their days with meaningful activities. Isolation amplified their children’s challenges as they struggled to maintain a routine — which is extremely important for those with ASD as they need to have stability.

For one child named *Jamal, the team was initially worried about him staying engaged online during the video sessions. He had difficulty focusing and could sometimes be aggressive.

The team ran virtual sessions for an hour each day to keep the children connected to each other, and Jamal really enjoyed them. He was so eager to see his friends that he was the first one logged in every day.

Additionally, the team met with all the parents for one-on-one support, providing them with activities to help build structure and stability for their children. 

All the children participated in educational group activities focused on reading, writing, math, social skill building, language building and listening strategies. They worked on improving their communication, relationship building, and other skills they had been learning before the pandemic. Physical activity was also included in the form of games, such as Simon Says.

Now, the children look forward to seeing their friends virtually and are excited to keep learning.

*Client’s name has been changed