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With the pandemic limiting access to in-person medical care, individuals across Canada continue to turn to CBI Health for remote care support. In this ‘Connected Care Story’ the team in Guelph, ON provided care to *Shonda, a new client who was suffering from a concussion and unable to connect with her family doctor.

Shonda was driving on the highway when an animal hit her car. The accident left her with a concussion, dizziness, and stiffness in her neck, lower back, shoulders and arms. Shonda’s family doctor was not available for virtual consultations so she searched online for local healthcare providers that could provide treatment virtually. She connected with CBI Health for an assessment.

Prior to the accident, Shonda had been working overnight shifts that required her to commute. With her concussion, she had to take a leave of absence work as she was not able to drive or spend many hours in front of a screen. She also lived by herself and did not feel comfortable supporting herself alone.

Following her assessment with the team at CBI Health, Shonda was excited to begin virtual care. When she first started her virtual sessions, her concussion was so severe that she was limited to sitting down and having restricted screen time. She was introduced to low-intensity but effective muscle strengthening exercises, breathing techniques, massage techniques, and relaxation strategies. The team also identified movements that were triggering her dizziness and how to address them. In addition, they had equipment sent to Shonda’s home so that she could do her exercises safely at home.

Shonda’s head injury also caused her to become sensitive to light. The light sensitivity was affecting her ability to focus. Since she was receiving treatments in the comfort of her home, Shonda was able to do her sessions in dark areas of her house. The team helped her practice reading on the screen, beginning with a few sentences and then gradually working up to reading chapters without causing strain.

Six weeks into the treatment program, Shonda was no longer experiencing dizziness, made significant improvements in her mobility, and was ready to return to work. Shonda and her team at CBI Health reached out to her employer to discuss modifications needed for her to start working again, and her employer agreed to support her with remote work options and other adjustments.

Shonda is now working full-time from home and says she appreciates everything the team at CBI Health has done to support her in her recovery.

*Client’s name has been changed