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CBI Health provides various methods of treatment that are tailored to meet the individual and unique needs of our clients. In this ‘Connected Care Story’, our team in Ottawa, Ontario helped *Greg maintain his independence as a senior and manage his neck and back pain, along with feelings of isolation, after a motor vehicle accident.

Greg is an elderly man who lives on his own and relies on his ability to drive to complete his daily activities, such as picking up his groceries. After being rear-ended in a motor vehicle accident, Greg suffered neck and back pain, along with increased feelings of dizziness and difficulties balancing. Greg was referred to CBI Health by his auto insurer and began treatment with a physiotherapist.

While maintaining proper COVID-19 safety procedures and wearing masks in the clinic, Greg received hands-on treatment to relax the muscles in his neck and back during his sessions twice a week. His physiotherapist worked with him on his mobility and balance, and guided him through stretches and strength exercises to improve his posture and increase his range of motion. He also received an extensive home exercise program which he continued to work on in between sessions. Greg received a combination of exercise-based treatment and hands-on therapy that were tailored to his personal abilities, the risks associated with his age, as well as his health goals.

During this time, Greg also expressed feelings of isolation and loneliness, identifying that he was struggling with his mental health. He began to see an occupational therapist in addition to his physiotherapy sessions, to support him with his mental well-being and allow him to continue living functionally and independently in his community. Greg’s weekly trips to CBI Health began to be a positive part of his routine that he looked forward to each week.

The primary goal of Greg’s treatments was to help him resume his daily routines without pain and stiffness, such as getting dressed and eating on his own. He also hoped to continue his favourite hobbies, such as strolling around his neighbourhood and going for nature walks. With only a few weeks left in his treatment program, Greg has made significant progress, as he has made substantial efforts to meet his goals and complete his exercises. CBI Health was able to provide Greg with a positive source of encouragement and routine during a difficult time, and he is thankful to the team for restoring a sense of normalcy to his everyday activities and for allowing him to maintain his independence.

*Client's name has been changed