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CBI Health is providing integrated care for our clients and making adjustments accordingly as their needs change over time. In this ‘Connected Care Story’, our team provided a combination of virtual and in-person care to best meet the needs of *Naomi, a client recovering from pain and restricted motion after a car accident.

Naomi was working full-time as a pharmacist when she was involved in a car accident that left her with injuries to her neck, lower back, and shoulder. While the accident caused her pain and discomfort, she was most impacted in two areas that greatly mattered to her – her work and her role as a mother. Not only did her injuries from the incident make it difficult to resume her busy job as a pharmacist, but they also created barriers in her ability to care for her family. After the accident, she lost half of the range of motion in her neck and became unable to carry out important tasks for herself and for her children, such as driving, housekeeping, and cooking meals.

Naomi’s auto insurer referred her to CBI Health to begin virtual care and she was initially extremely hesitant. She had formed preconceived notions that physiotherapy could not be delivered virtually and was doubtful of how feasible it would be without any hands-on contact.

After connecting with Naomi, her physiotherapist conducted a thorough virtual assessment of her injuries and areas of concern. He then prepared a dynamic rehabilitation plan that would be adjusted as her needs and capabilities changed over time. During each session, he guided her through each exercise with detailed instructions so that she could follow along clearly and easily.

They began with exercises in a lying position, helping to decompress her spine and relieve the tension and pain in her back. Next, they moved on to initial strengthening work to promote a more efficient range of motion in movements involving her neck, back and shoulder. As Naomi’s symptoms began to visibly improve, her physiotherapist worked to further strengthen her body by practicing movements geared more towards her typical everyday activities.

One important task Naomi wanted to work on was to be able to cook independently and confidently again. It was important to her that she could cook more homemade meals for her children from scratch and use less pre-cooked frozen meals. To help her reach her goals, her physiotherapist worked with her to further improve her shoulder mobility and guided her through the everyday motions needed to be able to cook comfortably and sustainably.

As Naomi progressed through her treatment, she was pleasantly surprised at how effective virtual care proved to be in helping her regain function and range of motion in her injured areas. After completing her virtual rehabilitation plan with her physiotherapist, she then transitioned to in-person care to continue treatment to reduce the remaining pain she was experiencing. Her in-person healthcare team was able to pick up from where her virtual care had left off, helping her to build on the foundations of the treatment she received remotely.

After completing her integrated care program, Naomi has made a full recovery and is happy to be carrying out her tasks and activities with maximum function. More importantly, she is grateful to be able to get back to fulfilling her role as a pharmacist, as well as taking care of her family on her own terms again.

*Client’s name has been changed