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This ‘Connected Care Story’ features a client who diligently followed a treatment plan that was created to address her specific injuries, and the outcome of her commitment.

Alisha* is an associate at a fast food restaurant. It’s a job she loves, but it requires her to work long standing shifts. After she was involved in a minor car accident, Alisha suffered shoulder and cervical pain, which was further aggravated by her constantly standing in one position for several hours. She was unable to take time off work as she relied on this income to support her family, especially during the pandemic, so she turned to CBI Health to support her in her recovery journey.

Alisha began virtual care with a physiotherapist once a week to increase her range of motion and strength in her injured areas. The main focus of her treatment was to reduce her pain levels while allowing her to continue working. Her physiotherapist focused on ergonomic adjustments for her job, such as modified standing positions to alleviate stress on her joints. was also experiencing discomfort during the night and her physiotherapist educated her on various sleeping positions. 

From session to session, Alisha progressed greatly at a steady pace. Despite only being able to meet with her physiotherapist virtually, once a week, she was completing her home exercises three times a day. Her pain levels began to drop to almost normal levels and she was able to perform her work with less hesitation. She was showing fast improvement and was committed to completing the exercises assigned by her physiotherapist. Some of her new exercises consisted of chin tucks, shoulder squeezes, and glute bridges to increase strength and range of motion to her injury areas.

Alisha continued with her treatment plan for one month, at which time she was able to perform her full work duties pain-free. She had accomplished her main goal of returning to work without pain and was very happy with her improvement.

Alisha was thankful for the education and assistance that her physiotherapist provided for her. She was excited by how well she had healed and recognized that this support, combined with following her home exercises so diligently, was the key to her successful recovery.

*Client’s name has been changed.