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CBI Health continues to provide virtual care/telehealth services to clients in remote locations, to support them in their recovery journey in their home environment. In this ‘Connected Care Story’ our team designed a psychotherapy treatment plan for *Travis, a client in a rural Canadian town who was experiencing anxiety.

Travis felt very frustrated with his job after he was transferred into a new management position. He felt overwhelmed by the daunting volume of work and the new level of responsibility, and was unable to cope with the situation. The pressure eventually led to him taking a leave of absence from work.

He was off work for about six months before being referred to a psychotherapist at CBI Health, who worked with him to develop a plan to address his anxiety and health concerns. The plan included acceptance and commitment therapy, and various activities that promoted self-reflection to identify what was causing his stress and anxiety.

Another exercise was designed to help him recognize his values to understand what he found to be meaningful in his life. He looked at elements and situations that were affecting him both internally and externally, and started to pace himself when it came to personal endeavours such as his parenting, his attitude towards work, and his health.

His psychotherapist also encouraged him to make decisions based on his values rather than fear, identifying what is most important to him. As they worked through this approach together, Travis realized that he can handle the responsibility of a management position at work. With a different outlook and attitude, he uncovered that wanted to return to work and take on a new opportunity.

Through this process, Travis also became much more mobile. At the start of his sessions, he was sleeping for 14-16 hours per day. As his treatment progressed, his fatigue began to decrease as he became more active and began doing activities around the house. His children even noticed the positive change, saying he became a new person.

Travis is on track to return to work this month. He says he has a new perspective on life, what’s important to him, and how to manage his mental health during stressful situations.

*Client’s name has been changed