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CBI Health is ensuring continuity of care for clients that started treatment before the pandemic, and providing remote solutions to fit their needs. This is the story of how our team helped *Heather to manage her osteoarthritis, along with anxiety and depression that she had been experiencing for an extended period of time.

Heather had been living with osteoarthritis and recently underwent a knee replacement as a result of her long-term health condition. She was recovering at home when the pandemic hit and was left with post-surgical symptoms of pain and stiffness, which limited her ability to move around her home.

After her surgery, Heather’s physiotherapist of several years reached out to continue the rehabilitation they had been working on before her surgery and wanted to ensure her treatment program would not be disrupted. Through telehealth sessions, her physiotherapist guided Heather through key joint mobilization exercises they had previously been working on together and continued to assess her range of motion and progress with each call.

The more debilitating challenge Heather struggled with was her mental health. In addition to dealing with her osteoarthritis during the pandemic, she acted as the primary caregiver for her husband in the household. With no one at home to support her through her own physical ailments, all of her caregiving responsibilities piled on top of each other and left her feeling burdened and overwhelmed. This led to bouts of intense anxiety and depression, imparting feelings of defeat when it came to managing her osteoarthritis.

In response, Heather’s team at CBI Health focused on helping her regain control in her life. During their in-depth phone sessions, she was introduced to practical relaxation techniques, including breath control and mindfulness.

The team guided Heather through these activities and exercises, with an emphasis on sensory experiences helping to lead her thoughts. By learning to place her hands over her chest and above her diaphragm while breathing, Heather gained a better sense of where her breath was coming from and also where it was not coming from her, such as her neck. Being aware and attuned to the physical sensations of her body allowed her mind to focus on the present, rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. When negative, stressful thoughts crossed her mind, Heather learned to gently accept them and re-center her focus back onto her breathing, reminding her that she was in control of her thoughts.

Heather has expressed her gratitude for the ongoing support of her team at CBI Health, and for the flexibility to continue treatment at home during the pandemic. The care she received has been crucial in helping her manage not only her osteoarthritis, but also how she mentally copes with life challenges in general.

She is continuing treatment remotely and building greater self-awareness and strength everyday.

*Client’s name has been changed