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Our team at CBI Health works collaboratively to provide interdisciplinary care to clients who face varying and multiple challenges. This ‘Connected Care Story’ focuses on a young man who suffered a work-related brain injury and required psychological support and care from several clinicians in his rehabilitation journey.

Kevin* suffered a significant brain injury as a result of a fall at work, and he began experiencing seizures and behavioural changes following the incident. The seizures made it difficult for him to continue working and jeopardized his job security, ultimately forcing him to take a leave from work. Kevin felt overwhelmed and helpless in the weeks that followed, and he started to exhibit adverse lifestyle and behavioural changes. Although these are common symptoms seen with brain injuries, his loved ones were worried about how distant he had become and the path he was going down.

Kevin began treatment with CBI Health, working with an interdisciplinary rehabilitation team to assist with the wide-ranging symptoms he was experiencing. The team consisted of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, kinesiologists, and cognitive therapists, but focused heavily on psychology. He completed a neuropsychological assessment and his psychologist worked with him to help him understand his condition, to improve his mood, and to learn how to manage the stressors that had become a daily part of his life. The treatment plan centered around injury education, behavioural activation strategies, and cognitive rehabilitation strategies. Kevin’s psychologist also shared these strategies with the rest of his team at CBI Health so they could use these techniques during his other treatment sessions if needed.

As Kevin progressed with his plan, he began to show improvement in his capacity to function both physically and mentally. He was feeling motivated and optimistic about his progress, and had a renewed sense of hope. Kevin completed a second neuropsychological assessment that noted considerable functional and mental health improvements. Shortly after, Kevin was cleared to re-enter the workforce and began searching for a job.

As he nears the end of his treatment plan, Kevin has regained control of his life, has secured a new job, and has reconnected with his family. He is thankful for the interdisciplinary care and support provided by his team at CBI Health to help get him to this point.

*Client’s name has been changed.