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At CBI Health, we offer a holistic approach to client care, administered by an multidisciplinary team of experienced healthcare professionals. This ‘Connected Care Story’ explores how our team in Alberta helped Deana to overcome her hesitations about treatment and recover from her back injury.

Deana suffered a work-related injury to her back earlier this year. Her injury not only made it difficult to perform daily and work-related activities, but the fear of worsening her pain stopped her from attempting her regular tasks and lessened her ability to perform them without pain and stiffness. Deana also loves outdoor activities, such as hiking and snowshoeing, however returning to these activities seemed out of reach to her.


“Since the turn of events of the world in 2020, I was unable to get treatment for three months. I did what I was able to do for myself, which was not at all helpful… I was afraid to do anything that required me to do any form of movement or stretches, lifts, twists – you name it, I was not going to do this.”


Deana was referred to CBI Health in September to participate in a return to work program with a Kinesiologist and a Physiotherapist. While she was skeptical at the beginning, her healthcare team took the time to discuss the nature of her injuries and designed a treatment program that addressed her specific health goals and was delivered at a pace that worked best for her.

As Deana began her exercises and stretches, her healthcare team explained each movement and how they were designed to strengthen her muscles to better support her back. As she became more comfortable with the program, Deana began participating in virtual care sessions. She was soon able to adapt the exercises within her home, using household objects such as milk jugs and actions such as mopping, to focus on increasing her core strength and mimic work-related motions. She also worked on stretches to help relieve the stiffness and discomfort she was experiencing in her legs due to inactivity.

With dedication and the help of her team at CBI Health, Deana is now able to perform her normal daily activities and work duties without the added stress of further injury.


“Now I am able to do the full duties within my limits of what my body will and will not allow for discomfort… To me, it takes time to heal the body and mind and as long as you are putting in the effort that is required you will get the results. Stay positive, healthy and due away with any and all excuses.”


Reflecting on her experience with treatment and working with CBI Health, Deana is grateful for the client-centered approach to care and how the team took all of her needs and concerns into consideration when designing her treatment program.


“Thank you to my team [at CBI Health] for all your wisdom and understanding of the fears that I had and explanations on the exercises to help me get back to my job that I love.”