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The CBI Health team is continuing to provide telehealth services to treat clients throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring they receive treatment safely while at home. This ‘Connected Care Story’ details how our team in South Huron County continued a young student’s speech language therapy with telephone sessions while his school is closed.

*Timothy had been receiving treatment for a severe speech delay with symptoms of apraxia of speech (a motor speech disorder that makes it hard to speak) for two years. When his speech language pathologist first met him, he was not able to communicate effectively in a classroom setting. Teachers and peers were unable to understand him, leading to great frustration on both ends.

When the pandemic began, his speech language pathologist called his mother to find out how she could continue to support him and his family virtually. They discussed his speech goals, and his speech language pathologist then shared tips and tricks with his parents so that they can target his speech sounds in everyday situations.

They started their telehealth sessions shortly after. Together, Timothy and his speech language pathologist reviewed his previous programming and discussed his levels of speech for each sound. He was so excited to talk to and tell her all about the activities he had been doing at home during school closures.

It was a valuable opportunity for her to hear Timothy use his sounds at a conversational level. She could understand him so well and they were able to maintain a conversation—something that would have been very difficult to do a year ago with the severity of his speech disorder.

They reviewed the practice sheets from his last session and he was able to sound out his words correctly at a single word level, and put words into phrases. The speech language pathologist then discussed Timothy’s next set of goals with his mother and reviewed the programming and handouts she would be sharing with them.

Timothy is progressing wonderfully with his speech goals and will begin video therapy in two weeks.