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CBI Health is providing assessments and treatment virtually using virtual care/telehealth services help clients begin their recovery journeys safely at home. This ‘Connected Care Story’ explores how the team in Toronto, Ontario helped *Camila recover from injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident.

Camila was in a car accident that left her with a whiplash associated disorder, causing her neck pain with a restricted range of motion. In addition to being involved in an accident, she was under a lot of pressure from having to take care of her two children and working full-time in operations management from home. Her work continued to ramp up during the pandemic, and she was expected to be working 10-11 hours each day. Camila found it difficult to manage her workload and injuries, and she did not know how to set up her work desk in a safe way to support her needs.

The Toronto team assessed her virtually and reassured her that what she was experiencing was normal and common after a car accident. They addressed her concerns and showed her how to set up her home workstation.

In the first two weeks of treatment, Camila focused on ergonomics and pain control, then transitioned into physical activities and stretching. Her physiotherapist and occupational therapist educated her on how to take control of and manage her pain. She learned how to stretch properly, why strengthening is important, and how to integrate exercises throughout her day.

After seeking care from the team, Camila felt reassured regarding her concerns about her health, as the team was there to listen and help. She says that she is feeling better and will continue with her care until she is fully recovered.

*Client’s name has been changed