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Many CBI Health clients have been receiving care virtually throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, including *Alexis from Barrie, Ontario. Since January, Alexis has experienced pain in her wrist and has been participating in virtual physiotherapy services via video chat, staying safe and physically distanced during her treatment sessions.

Alexis is retired and always had an active lifestyle. Her hobbies included gardening, golfing, kayaking, and biking – which were put on hold due to the pain she was experiencing. Alexis also helps take care of her husband who has Alzheimer’s . Before the pandemic, Alexis was receiving assistance around the house including cooking and cleaning. However, when it began, the majority of the housework fell to her, which aggravated her wrist further. Her pain was so intense she could not lift her wrist up or down.

She reached out to her family doctor who diagnosed her with wrist tendonitis and gave her anti-inflammatory medication. However, she was unable to see her doctor in person, and her pain worsened. She began Googling solutions and came across CBI Health, where she connected with a physiotherapist to start virtual treatment over video chat.

Initially, Alexis was hesitant to start virtual physiotherapy, as she felt unsure that the treatment would be effective over video. Her physiotherapist put her at ease by guiding her through the video platform while thoroughly explaining different ways to manage her pain and showing her strengthening exercises.

Her physiotherapist provided her with pain management education, joint strengthening and coping techniques to ease her symptoms. She was introduced to different techniques to mobilize her wrist and prevent flare-ups by using household items such as towels and belts. Video clips and informational handouts were also provided.

Alexis was extremely regimented with her sessions. She was motivated to complete all her exercises and keep up with educating herself on her symptoms. She has made progress by wearing a brace and recently started resuming her hobbies—she planted new flowers in her garden last week.

Now, Alexis has one more session before her treatment program is complete. She says she feels supported and knows if she is worried about more flare-ups, she does not have to wait and see a doctor because she can call her physiotherapist at CBI Health.

*Client’s name has been changed