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How Does CBI Connect the Dots for Better Care?

As the largest network of integrated community health services in Canada, CBI helps make a complicated system much easier to navigate by connecting the dots for better care.

We began 40 years ago with the insight that better educated patients experience better outcomes.   

As we have expanded and evolved our practice, we have become expert in identifying healthcare system gaps and organizing and coordinating our network and its resources to improve access to quality care, outcomes for individuals and organizations and system efficiency.

Today, we are a national interdisciplinary network of health care and support professionals 11,000 strong. We are focused on a united purpose: to improve the health and enrich the lives of Canadians. That's why governments, funders and agencies rely on us as a trusted partner and collaborator.

Only CBI brings together the needed elements to tackle today’s healthcare challenges:

CBI Assembles Interdisciplinary Teams to Meet Partners’ and Clients’ Needs

Combining Behaviour Therapists from our neurodevelopmental team, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from our rehabilitation team and Nurses and Caregivers from our home health team, we are helping organizations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and New Brunswick efficiently manage transitions and care costs for clients with developmental disabilities. Customized and integrated care models are developed based on the specific needs and goals of our partners and their clients.

Our Network

Across our care segments, we combine deep clinical capabilities and a partnership oriented approach to optimize service delivery, achieve key performance and value benchmarks and deliver better health outcomes.


CBI Develops Transitional Care Approach and Purpose-Built Care Residence

In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Community Services in New Brunswick, we created a transitional care residence and goal-oriented care approach for youth and adults with complex behaviours. The residence brings together behaviour experts and home health personal support teams to offer a care model that was specifically tailored for the best outcomes for our partners and their clients.

Our Expert Team

Our clinical and support professionals work together to maximize results and share best practices from across the country.

CBI Manages Transitions Through Its Integrated Approach

Helping injured workers transition back into the community or their homes requires coordination and seamless management. In collaboration with WorkSafe BC, CBI created a cost effective transitional model of care that integrates a new care venue, therapies, professional nursing and personal supports at an agreed cost. The solution reduces hospital readmissions and cost of care while improving outcomes and hospital discharge timing.

Our Adaptable Care Models

Our built and virtual care network offers care where the client requires it to optimize effectiveness, manage risk and complement facilities’ capabilities.

CBI Brings Healthcare Access to Underserved and At Risk Groups

With an aging population, scarce nursing resources and increased financial burden on provincial health budgets, new community care options are required to improve access to care, shorten waitlists and contain cost growth. Our nursing clinics deliver quality health services in communities where primary care access is limited, serving those who may otherwise be waiting for home care or relying on emergency services.

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