Corporate Management 


Christopher Szybbo  


President & Chief Executive Officer

Dave Maxwell


Chief Operating Officer - Rehabilitation Services

Anthony Milonas


Chief Operating Officer - Home Health Services

Avi Barkin


Chief Financial Officer

Lori Moffatt


Vice President, People & Culture

Tanya Padberg


Legal Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer


Bernie Rilling


Vice President, Finance

Ken Waring


Vice President, Information Technology

Dr. Hamilton Hall


Medical Director

Rudy Mancini


Senior Director, National Partnerships & Healthcare Innovation

Josie McGee


National Director, Healthcare Innovation

Denise Swartz


National Director, Healthcare Innovation

Jason Percy


National Director, Digital Marketing

Regional Management


Rehabilitation Services

Tanja Yardley


Vice President, Operations – British Columbia

Greg Bay


Director, Operations – Fraser Valley

Darren Earl


Director, Operations – Vancouver Island

Colleen Bognar


Director, Operations – BC Mainland

Sheila Fitz-Gerald


Director, Operations – British Columbia

Gary Thorne


Vice President, Operations – Alberta

Becky Barbour


Director, Administration – Alberta

Cam Junck


Director, Operations – Northern Alberta


Mark Perkins


Director, Operations – Alberta (RTW)

Sherry Gunderson


Director, Operations – Saskatchewan

Lisa Welte


Assistant Director, Operations – Saskatchewan

Ron Rappel


Vice President, Operations – Quebec

Marie-Josée Haley


Director, Operations – Quebec City

Karen Meyer


Director, Operations – Montreal

Jennifer Nairn


Director, Operations – Ontario

Nadia Parker


Director, National Disability Services

Rachelle Levesque


Director, Operations – New Brunswick & PEI

Glen Brann


Director, Operations – Nova Scotia


Home Health Services

Poonam Jassi


Director, Operations – British Columbia

Sylvie Beauchamp


Vice President, Operations – Alberta

Roxanne Droppo


Director Residential and Transitional Care

John Brewster


Senior Director, Operations – Alberta 

Qin Lo

  Director of Quality and Risk

Tifany Hopkin


Vice President, Operations – Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Barry Foster


Director of Community Development

Bill Maclean


Director, Operations

Erinn Turner


Director of Clinical Excellence

Christine Reno


Vice President, Operations – Ontario

Christine Linton


Senior Director, Operations – Ontario

Omar Aboelela


Director, Operations – Southwestern Ontario

Barb Belohoubek


Director, Operations – Eastern Ontario

Sandria Bryce


Director, Operations – Toronto

Caroline Gill


Director, Quality & Risk

Sheron McEachron


Director, Operations – Mississauga

Cathie Newcombe


Director, Operations – Hamilton & Niagara

Greg McKim


Director, Operations – Atlantic Canada


Monarch House

Chelsea Ganam


Director, Operations – British Columbia

Tracie Lindblad


Clinical Director – Ontario


Workplace Solutions

Mike Affleck


Director, Employer Services


Assessment Services

Alec Tyson


Director, Business Development