CBI HEALTH – COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of our clients and staff is always our top priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CBI Health is dedicated to reducing risk and following best practices while continuing to serve the clients who rely on us for treatment and support.

Update: May 25, 2020


At CBI Health, innovation is a part of our DNA. Prior the pandemic, we were already on the path toward working and providing more of our services virtually. Now, we have accelerated our plans. Over the past few months, our entire company has quickly and completely embraced new technologies and leaned into new ways of working together.

Our Rehabilitation Services business has made the biggest shift, with a vast majority of our clients now receiving treatment through virtual care / telehealth. Our expert team of clinicians across the country have responded to this change with innovation and enthusiasm and early feedback from our clients is very positive. People are relieved to be able to receive treatment at home not just for safety reasons, but because it is convenient, easy to use, and effective. Even now, as we carefully welcome some clients back into our clinics with robust health and safety plans firmly in place, our focus continues to be on telehealth / virtual care services. With the right practices, protocols and technology, we have proven we can deliver this new model of care safely and deliver the same quality outcomes that our clients and partners need.

Elsewhere in our business, our Corporate Services group has moved almost completely to a virtual workforce. Video calls and group chats are part of our standard business day – and it has becoming more common and welcome to see people taking call outside as the weather improves or see kids darting in and out of the background of a team meeting. Our Home Health team, our most “hands-on” line of business, has also moved to virtual care whenever possible to help keep our clients and our frontline staff safe. New tools and technology are allowing us to connect and communicate quickly with those essential frontline teams to make sure they have the latest information, education and support to continue doing their important in-person work.

Over the past few months, technology and innovation have driven the world in a brand new direction. I can’t see the world going back to the way it was, not completely. And CBI Health won’t either. We have come such a long way, in such an incredibly short period of time, to go back now. New tools and technologies have lead to a new way of doing business at all levels, and we will emerge from this crisis a different company, but also a stronger one.


Take care, be safe and stay well.

Jon Hantho

President & CEO, CBI Health

For the most up to date information on COVID-19, we recommend reaching out to your local health authority or visiting the following sites:

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