CBI HEALTH – COVID-19 Response

The health and safety of our clients and staff is always our top priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, CBI Health is dedicated to reducing risk and following best practices while continuing to serve the clients who rely on us for treatment and support.

Update: July 27, 2020


Health and safety has always been a top priority for CBI Health, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only reinforced that strategy. Now, even as the needle moves in the right direction for Canada and we continue to carefully provide more in-person services, we will continue to keep a relentless focus on keeping our clients and staff safe.

Virtual care / telehealth continues to be a great option for many of our Rehabilitation services, allowing us to expertly support our clients from the safety of their own homes. In many cases, we can provide a combination of in-person and virtual services to ensure the best results while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. At our clinics and through our Home Health in-person services, we continue to take a disciplined, conservative approach for protocols like masking and PPE, screening and group sizes.

What it comes down to is that there is no such thing as “too careful” when it comes to the safety of our clients and staff. Even in the parts of the country with very low case numbers, we will continue to rigorously follow best practices and recommendations from the experts. Having witnessed the resurgence of COVID-19 in other countries, and an uptick of cases in certain areas of Canada, we know we need to continue to keep the same high levels of discipline to keep on the right track.

We all have a role to play in safety, and I want to thank our clients for enthusiastically supporting the policies we have implemented to keep our staff and each other safe. As always, Canadians have proven that we are willing to care of each other and not let minor inconveniences stop us from doing the right thing. 


Take care, be safe and stay well.

Jon Hantho

President & CEO, CBI Health

For the most up to date information on COVID-19, we recommend reaching out to your local health authority or visiting the following sites:

Government of Canada: COVID-19 Response

World Health Organization: Myth Busters

World Health Organization: Q & A