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CBI Health Group - Leading Change, Impacting Communities


Who is CBI Health Group?

CBI Health Group is Canada's largest community healthcare provider.

From the outset, CBI Health Group has challenged the status quo and believed that there was a more effective way of solving and managing the complex problems we face in patient health.

From its beginnings as patient education seminars - to what it is today - a national interdisciplinary network of health care and support professionals over 12,000 strong - CBI Health Group has innovated for impact: improved patient access and empowerment, better health care outcomes, integrated best practices-driven models of care and community relevance.

We are focused on a united purpose: to improve the health and enrich the lives of Canadians.

That's why governments, funders and agencies rely on us as a trusted partner and collaborator.

CBI Health Group's network includes:

  • Health Centres: Community and hospital-based rehabilitation centres across Canada.

  • Home Health: Operating as CBI Home Health and We Care - client-centred support services in hundreds of communities wherever they are needed, including private residences, long-term care communities, hospitals, schools and community centres.

  • Monarch House: Neurodevelopmental treatment centres in British Columbia and Ontario providing treatment for behavioural, communication, learning and motor skills challenges for clients throughout their lives.

  • Workplace Solutions: Bringing health and safety solutions to Canada’s largest employers to manage risk and improve productivity.

  • Assessment Services: A professional team of healthcare assessment, disability management and dispute resolution experts.

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