Lindsay McCaw, Manager of Clinical Services and Physiotherapist, shares why she shifted to a clinic management role, the importance of making connections, and how she changed the day-to-day life of a client.


How long have you been at CBI Health, and what is your role?

I started at CBI Health as a Kinesiologist after I graduated. The exposure I gained working as part of an interdisciplinary team inspired me to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy. I returned as a Physiotherapist in the Pain Management Program and, over the past ten years, have transitioned into clinic management roles including Practice Lead and now Manager of Clinical Services.

Choosing to move into a Manager role was a decision I didn't make lightly. I'm passionate about connecting with my clients and being hands-on. Ultimately, I know the move up would allow me the ownership to make decisions for my team - and clients - at the clinic level. This role empowers me to implement the best practices and case plans I know will serve our clients in the ways they need. Additionally, it enables me to use my experience to help others on their career journey.


As a Physiotherapist, what types of conditions do you treat?

Working in the Pain Management Program, my clients are dealing with chronic pain conditions stemming from different causes. I also work with people coping with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), which is much harder to treat and highly specialized. The root causes are diverse, the lifestyle and functionality goals range greatly, so things are very interesting and challenging.





Can you tell me about a time when you made a significant impact on a client's life?

I recently worked with an RCMP officer suffering from pain post lower back surgery for an injury. He came into the program extremely fearful of movement and very lost because his job was significantly tied to his identity. We worked with him incrementally, overcoming his fear, giving him the tools to cope, build his strength, and increase his functionality. We developed a great connection. When he progressed and completed the physical exam to return to work, he sent us a photo of himself with his K9 partner when he rejoined that group. We helped him get his life back. And it's just one example of how the work we do is valuable.


What sort of training and educational opportunities have been offered to you at CBI Health?

Education and continued learning are built into the CBI Health identity. From mentorship of new grads, which I was fortunate to receive and now provide, to workshops and lunch and learns provided by internal and external experts. We have access to self-paced and practical courses. I recently completed my dry needling certificate. What makes the training opportunities unique is the ability to apply your new skills in treatment programs.

In the clinic, we have development meetings to further our knowledge and understanding of best practices. The interdisciplinary approach, consulting on cases, working together to create a treatment plan, is a synchronous effort that benefits our clients and each other.


What motivates and drives your work?

My initial love of team sports put me on this path, and working as part of an interdisciplinary team took me on the next step. If you told me as a student that I would opt out of sports physiotherapy and choose to work in chronic pain, I would have said you were crazy, but I've found purpose in forming meaningful connections and showing people what they are capable of. It's the personal connections and watching clients realize their potential during recovery that drives my work.

This is a place with ample opportunities for career growth, accessing training, and working as part of a team. All of the benefits and support you will receive here enable you to bring the best care forward for your clients.


If working collaboratively for the betterment of the people who live and work in your community inspires you - this is a place you will thrive. If you want to expand your hands-on skills and be an influential voice in an industry that helps and heals, join us. We're hiring Physiotherapists in clinics across Canada.

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