Meagan Bennink, Regional Manager and Registered Physiotherapist, shares details on creating a remote service delivery model, supporting practitioners in that transition, and prioritizing balance and self-care.


What is your role?

I'm a Registered Physiotherapist, currently in the role of a Regional Manager. I work with our teams at CBI Health to oversee operations and clinical services. Part of my role as a Regional Manager includes recruiting and onboarding new hires. I collaborate with local clinic leaders to train new team members, ensuring they have the skills, resources, and support they need to succeed in their role. As a physiotherapist, my advanced credentials in orthopedic manual therapy (FCAMPT- Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapists) allows me to directly mentor and onboard our physiotherapy team members.


What role did you play in the transition to virtual service delivery? What were some challenges you faced?

In March, our governing college determined it was essential therapists transition to a virtual care model barring urgent client needs. At that time, CBI Health did not have a remote platform and we immediately procured Microsoft Teams. I thrive in a fast-paced environment and was motivated to ensure our clients were well serviced during this challenging time. I quickly came up to speed in 48 hours and trained physiotherapy team members in Ontario the following week.

As with many others, my responsibilities shifted during the initial phases of the pandemic to ensure that we could remain viable during a challenging time for our business and our healthcare system. I worked with our physiotherapists to facilitate learning opportunities for delivering virtual care. We taught therapists how to teach their clients work with what they have at home to mimic aspects of treatment that we would do in a clinic setting. We worked with our vendors to ensure that clients had access to products that we felt were necessary for their treatment to be effective in their home environment, such as exercise bands, hot packs, etc.

To further support our therapists, subject matter experts from across the country got together to discuss key learning opportunities and put together learning resources and recorded virtual sessions with each other to support the development of our therapists in this new service delivery model.

The onset of the COVID-19 restrictions and concerns created the need to pivot and adapt our service delivery model. As part of my role during this crucial time, I conveyed CBI Health's response, presenting virtual care to external stakeholders. I believe we have made some great decisions as a company - and adopted new service delivery models and procedures that can be used beyond the pandemic.




How are new hires welcomed at CBI Health?

Our onboarding program is a team effort, setting the tone for the collaborative atmosphere we foster. New team members spend approximately eight hours connecting with our HR team virtually over their first week with CBI Health. These onboarding sessions focus specifically on our company's core values and vision, policies, procedures, payroll practices, and the different divisions of CBI Health. The remainder of the onboarding is conducted at the clinic level with a Team Lead, Manager of Clinical Services, and Mentor. Additionally, the team member may also shadow a senior clinician either in person or virtually via Microsoft Teams.


How do you avoid burnout and promote self-care?

I am a vocal advocate for self-care and ensuring we have the appropriate balance for our practitioners.; an environment where they can experience success and satisfaction. I'm passionate about creating a workplace with a balance where people can work until they retire.

I am adamant that people don't overextend themselves by working outside of their hours or work through lunch. I'm the leader that will say no on behalf of our therapists because they will do anything to accommodate the client.

I encourage people to mentor others, seek opportunities for collaboration, take courses on new practices or leadership; or, consider moving out of a full-time, hands-on role, and into people or program management. Looking at client experiences from the lens of a leader or mentor can rejuvenate perspective and help you see the benefits of what we do in our profession.

Overall, I think it's vital for us to practice what we preach and do the things we teach our clients. I'm a triathlete, and running has always been my source of stress release. Lately, I've been exploring meditation as a way to shut off my brain. I've been sharing that message with my team, that they too could benefit from taking a few minutes midday for a mental reset.


Why are you passionate about healthcare?

As a therapist, my motivation is to improve my patients' wellbeing and see the impact on the community in which I work. I stay in this field as a leader to impart the lessons I have learned and to inspire my team to take the same approach: think about the bigger picture. As part of the management team at CBI Health, I have an opportunity to influence healthcare at the client and the clinician level, ensuring our practices are aligned with our vision to impact the community - and to always pursue the best outcomes and environment for the people we serve.


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