We believe that integrated, coordinated services lead to improved outcomes. That’s why we collaborate with governments, boards, insurers, physicians and health facilities across Canada to provide healthcare services that are accessible, cost-effective and patient-focused. These partnerships result in reduced wait times, timely access to care and the convenience of in-clinic or at-home services. We take a best practices approach, sharing information amongst the entire network in order to deliver the best possible results.



CBI Health Group is uniquely positioned as a leading national healthcare provider because we coordinate care across our extensive network of rehabilitation clinics, home health operations and other specialty care providers. No matter the venue of care or the nature of the service required, we are able to coordinate the right care at the right time, resulting in greater efficiency for partners and a more seamless patient experience.



Because of the breadth of our services and the depth of our care, we have developed strong relationships and garnered extensive on-the-ground experience across industry sectors and regional jurisdictions, so we see the healthcare environment in a holistic way. As a result, we are able to find more effective and innovative ways to solve and manage complex problems in patient health. That’s why governments, agencies and more rely on us as a trusted partner and collaborator.

Our Service Categories

Government, Ministries and Agencies

We work together with government health ministries and regional agencies to provide expedited patient services including assessments, healthy development programs and at-home care.

Auto Insurance

In over 170 locations nationally, we deliver the right care at the right time to ensure your claimant’s get back to work and life, while keeping healthcare costs under control.

Workers’ Compensation Boards

We work in close collaboration with provincial WCBs to help employees get back to work and back to better health in a safe, timely and cost-effective manner.

Healthcare Innovation
and Management

We collaborate with healthcare providers and facilities across Canada to improve patient access, reduce wait times and develop effective solutions to complex problems.

Disability Insurance

We provide early intervention with timely access to care, concise and proactive communication, and our team of clinical experts focus on the right care from the start to improve outcomes for the claimant.


We work hand in hand with physicians to facilitate timely, coordinated patient care, including diagnostic evaluations, goal-directed treatment and therapeutic management.