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Improve Claim Outcomes Using Our Cycle of Care

Learn how CBI’s Cycle of Care can help you understand the care options available for all claimants from acute to complex.   CBI Improving Claim Outcomes Cycle of Care

Summary Sheet Mental Health Professionals and Their Scope of Practice

Print off this summary sheet or save it to your desktop for quick reference to help you choose the right mental health professional.   CBI Summary Sheet Mental Health Professionals...

MVA Injuries with Mental Health Concerns/Disorders: What Professional Should You Use?

Understanding the roles and scope of practice will help your claimant get the right treatment and best outcomes. Learn more here…   CBI MVA Injuries with Mental Health...

Ensuring Cost Efficient & Outcome Focused Care: Can Triage Help?

The principles of triage have been in use for centuries. When effectively implemented, triage correctly identifies needs, implements the appropriate treatment, and maximizes the use of available...

Seamless Care: Coordinating Transitions from Hospital

See how CBI makes managing transitions from hospitals easier and more effective.   CBI Transitional Services Document

Driving Anxiety: Safely Getting Claimants "On the Road Again"

CBI's approach to driving anxiety is built on: Early intervention Multi-faceted, interdisciplinary and evidence-based approach Collaborative relationships with driving fitness...

Next time, save time. Use

We're excited to announce that we have built a NEW geo-locator tool. Learn more about it below!   Find a Clinic Announcement

Improving Claim Outcomes with Predictive Analytics

Have you ever had a claim that started in protocol and ended up out of protocol? Did you wonder -- was there a way this could have been prevented I just knew a few things ahead of time?   ...

Concussion Myth Busters

Our team of experts has come together to bust myths on concussion and share the facts with you so that you are better equipped to support your claimants.   Concussion Myth Busters

Helping You Process Claims Faster

We’re always looking for ways to improve the flow of communication between you and our staff. As our company continues to expand, we’ve noticed that increased call volumes to our main reception...

Medical Cannabis – Facts You Should Know

With nearly 130,000 Canadians having a prescription for medical cannabis -- it’s an emerging topic and everyone is looking to learn more. We’ve brought our experts together to help you better...

Auto Claim Management Assisted by Predictive Analytics

Unique to CBI, Predictive Analytics (PA) is now a standard part of our claims process in Alberta. To see how the new claim process works, click here .

Impact of Medical Cannabis on Driving

Is it safe for someone who has been prescribed medical cannabis to drive? Is there a test that determines impairment levels? The answers may surprise you.   Impact of Medical...