We work closely with physicians across Canada to ensure better health outcomes for their patients. Our extensive suite of health services — and our network of highly qualified clinicians — makes CBI Health Group your reliable source for timely, individualized patient support. Starting with an in-depth evaluation to identify the root causes of symptoms like pain and loss of function, or to pinpoint the sports injury, we collaborate with family physicians to enlist the right therapist, create a personalized plan of care and administer the most effective treatment — whether it's specialized exercises, therapeutic modalities or hands-on techniques to stretch, strengthen or mobilize tissues and joints.

We're passionate about educating patients to better understand their symptoms, recovery and overall health. That's why we provide a leading network of healthcare specialists who know how to involve patients in the treatment process, explain symptom management techniques and minimize the chances of a relapse. In addition, the diversity of our network and our experience with complex cases allows us to coordinate care between specialists and physicians, the result of which is efficient treatment programs where patient needs are always first.

Physicians refer their patients to us for services including:

  • Diagnostic evaluation
  • Therapeutic management to support early and active rehabilitation and a return to normal activities as quickly as possible
  • Acute pain management that helps patients manage their pain through education and appropriate use of therapies and exercise.
  • Goal-directed treatment, which enables an efficient return to employment, family life and recreation by using functionally-based evaluation and treatment services and frequent progress reviews.
  • Patient education to provide a full understanding of the condition as well as strategies for management, which can reduce anxiety about pain and return to function.