Corporate Management 


Jon Hantho


President & CEO

Avi Barkin


Chief Financial Officer

Dave Maxwell


Chief Operating Officer

Christian Gingras


Chief Information Officer

Lori Moffatt


Vice President, People & Culture

Tanya Padberg


Vice President, Legal & Chief Privacy Officer


Christine Reno


Vice President, Corporate Relations, Labour Relations & Government Relations

Bernie Rilling


Vice President, Finance

Dr. Hamilton Hall


Medical Director

Josie McGee


National Director, Healthcare Innovation

Denise Swartz


National Director, Healthcare Innovation


Regional Management


Rehabilitation Services

Tanja Yardley


Vice President, Operations – British Columbia

Greg Bay


Director, Operations – Fraser Valley

Darren Earl


Director, Operations – Vancouver Island

Colleen Bognar


Director, Operations – BC Mainland

Jennifer Nairn


Director, Operations – British Columbia

Gary Thorne


Vice President, Operations – Alberta

Becky Barbour


Director, Administration – Alberta

Cam Junck


Director, Operations – Northern Alberta


Mark Perkins


Director, Operations – Alberta (RTW)

Sherry Gunderson


Director, Operations – Saskatchewan

Lisa Welte


Assistant Director, Operations – Saskatchewan

Karen Meyer


Vice President, Operations – Quebec

Marie-Josée Haley


Director, Operations – Quebec City

Michelle Colvin


Director, Operations – Ontario

Rachelle Levesque


Director, Operations – New Brunswick & PEI

Glen Brann


Director, Operations – Nova Scotia

Dave Klump


National Director, Acquisitions & Project Analysis

Cory Gannon


National Director, Facilities Development

Nadia Parker


National Director, Disability Services

Alec Tyson   National Director, Automotive Business Development

Home Health Services

Sylvie Beauchamp


Vice President, Operations – Alberta & British Columbia

Amanda Claeys


Director Residential and Transitional Care

John Brewster


Senior Director, Operations – Alberta 

Qing Luo


Director of Quality and Risk - Alberta

Tifany Hopkin


Vice President, Operations – Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Bill Maclean


Director, Operations - Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Erinn Turner


Director, Clinical Excellence - Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Chris Wilson


Vice President, Operations – Ontario

Omar Aboelela


Director, Operations – Guelph, Kitchener, London, Uxbridge

Barb Belohoubek


Director, Operations – Ottawa, Sault Ste Marie

Dane Clarke


Director, Operations – Toronto

David Langstaff


Director, Operations – Simcoe, Niagara, Hamilton

Sandria Bryce


Director, Operations – Kingston, Peterborough, Newmarket

Sheron McEachron


Director, Operations – Traders, Barrie, Sudbury

Caroline Gill


Director, Quality & Risk - Ontario

Deb Cockerill


Director, Standards & Process-Ontario

Jenn Adams


Director, Operations – Atlantic Canada

Joanne Greco


Director of Operations, Residential and Transitional Care for Ontario


Monarch House

Chelsea Ganam


Director, Operations – British Columbia

Tracie Lindblad


Clinical Director – Ontario


Workplace Solutions

Mike Affleck


Director, Employer Services


Assessment Services

Maureen Reath


Director of Assessment Services