Disability Management


Recovering from an injury or returning to work with a disability can be challenging, but we work with employees, employers and insurance providers to develop practical work entry or return to work strategies that are customized to suit individual needs. It's a detailed, consultative process during which our multidisciplinary team — consisting of occupational therapists, psychologists, ergonomic consultants and more — lay the groundwork for a successful outcome for all parties involved. We understand how to remove the barriers that prevent people starting or returning to work.

Whether it's a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE), an in-depth work site evaluation or a comprehensive return to work program, many of our disability management services are covered by healthcare, compensation and insurance plans. Disabilities, illnesses and injuries don't have to be a barrier to work; contact us today to learn more.

Working with stakeholders, we:

  • Form an interdisciplinary team from community resources and from within the operation
  • Provide education and training for this team
  • Complete an in-depth review of current injury records, costs and trends
  • Complete job analyses and risk identification if necessary
  • Provide a workplace infrastructure that provides and maintains strong lines of communication with the healthcare team (physicians, community therapists and more)
  • Design and develop specific physical training programs for injury prevention and management
  • Design and develop a transitional work program
  • Perform audits to assess program effectiveness