Ergonomics is an important consideration for employers. It's critical not only for the health and comfort of individuals but also the safety — and productivity — of the workplace itself. CBI Workplace Solutions provides tailored ergonomic assessments and consulting services for office and industrial workplaces across Canada. We are equipped with the knowledge, experience, tools and techniques to pinpoint ergonomic risks and provide you with an itemized list of recommendations for a safe and effective resolution.

Whether you are facing challenges with equipment usage, accident procedures or repetitive strain injuries, we appreciate that each issue is specific to the employees and employer at a company or location. That's why we are committed to providing effective, high-quality ergonomic solutions that are customized to meet your specific business needs. Our assessments are based on accepted ergonomic guidelines utilizing proven ergonomic tools and techniques, so you can depend on us to get the job done correctly.

Your workplace can benefit from an ergonomic assessment if:

  • You or your employees feel pain or discomfort while completing job demands
  • There is a history of injury or discomfort when completing job demands
  • You want to understand how to properly set up a workstation
  • You have questions regarding beneficial ergonomic equipment

Our ergonomic consulting programs include:

  • Office ergonomic assessments
  • Industrial ergonomics
  • Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)
  • Participatory ergonomics
  • Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) hazard assessment and accident investigation
  • Ergonomic policy procedure and control development
  • Ergonomic assessment and redesign
  • Equipment selection and design