Health at Work

Health at work is an increasingly important consideration for Canadian employers. From health and safety training to ergonomic assessments, independent medical examinations and return to work planning, a proactive approach is the key to maximizing employee wellness — and productivity — and minimizing employer healthcare costs. That's exactly what you'll find when you turn to CBI Health Group. We're Canada's largest and most diverse network of healthcare practitioners, so we understand how to deliver health services and solutions that are integrated, customized and cost-effective. We also have practical expertise in a wide range of public, private, unionized and non-unionized work environments in sectors including technology, manufacturing, education and more.

The right solution at the right time can make all the difference to an employee's wellbeing — and it can also have significant benefits for the employer, the workplace and a number of health and safety procedures too, including disability claims and the return to work process after illness or injury. Our leading team of multidisciplinary health professionals can serve you better by providing consultations, employer training and integrated treatment plans that focus on unique needs, ensure wellness in the workplace and keep healthcare costs under control. Make sure your workers — and your work environment — are safer, smarter and healthier: get in touch with CBI Health Group today.

What does Health at Work mean?

  • Healthcare services and solutions that focus on enhancing employee wellness and workplace safety and minimizing employer health costs
  • On-site health and safety training that helps to maximize productivity and adheres to all relevant Ministry of Labour (MOL) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) standards and legislation
  • Return to work planning for employees who are resuming work after an injury or illness
  • Ergonomic consulting from qualified occupational therapists and kinesiologists that pinpoints risks and provides actionable recommendations
  • Independent medical examinations to resolve disputes, move the disability claim process forward and ensure clear communication between employees, employers and insurers