Healthy Aging

Healthy aging isn't always simply a case of having a good diet and doing the right amount of exercise: it can mean working with a healthcare professional in a proactive way to maintain and improve your quality of life, becoming an active participant in your own treatment and receiving the personalized care you need from a team of leading practitioners. At CBI Health Group, Canada's largest multidisciplinary network of healthcare professionals, you'll find tailored, integrated health services that empower clients to recover from illness and injury, prolong their independence and manage a variety of health challenges related to aging. Whether it's physiotherapy, pain management, remote health monitoring or everyday homemaking help, our compassionate caregivers understand how to provide the tools and support clients need to navigate the aging process, manage their conditions and enjoy their optimal, healthful quality of life.

We're set apart by the diversity of our team — including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists and more — which enables us to coordinate our care plans and provide the comprehensive care you need. In addition, our healthcare services are community-based, which means we can come to you, whether you’re in a long-term care home, retirement facility, assisted living facility or private residence. Above all, our mission is to maintain and maximize your health by providing the care and support you need to lead a safe, functional and independent life.

How do we facilitate healthy aging?

  • Providing the solutions seniors need to not only manage medical conditions but also remain healthy, active and social
  • Conducting in-depth assessments to identify current functional status, rehabilitation needs and potential for improvement
  • As Canada's population continues to age and the demand for acute care rises, we support the national healthcare system by emphasizing a proactive, preventative approach to health
  • Providing a diverse range of specialized healthcare services including remote health monitoring, fall prevention, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, assistive device prescription, arthritis programs, pain management and cognitive rehabilitation