IV Therapy


Infusion therapy, or medication administered through a needle or catheter, is used to treat conditions that cannot be treated by oral medications, including certain infections, gastrointestinal disorders and cancers. It also enables patients to shorten their hospital stays — or avoid them altogether. Through our IV therapy services, you'll find client-focused care with Registered Nurses who can administer your prescribed intravenous medication in a safe, comfortable and timely fashion. They're also part of Canada's largest network of leading healthcare professionals, so you can rest assured that your treatment program is in the best possible hands.

We're set apart by our ongoing focus on patient education, so we’re not simply available to administer your medication: we're also here to assess your individual needs, explain your plan of care and empower you to become an active participant in your treatment, which we believe can be the key to ensuring a better health outcome. Whether your infusion treatment is antibiotic, antiviral, for pain relief or chemotherapy, CBI Health Group delivers quality care — and alleviates the burden on the Canadian healthcare system — by providing the convenient, individualized outpatient services you need.

What can I expect from infusion therapy?

  • A thorough assessment before, during and after each infusion treatment, including a pre-infusion checklist and vital sign monitoring according to medication-specific protocols.
  • Supervision and administration of medications including oral, I.V., S.C. and I.M. routes, all of which follow the eight rights of medication administration.
  • Compassionate, therapeutic relationships between nurses, patients and their accompanying friends or family.
  • Initiation, enhancement and continuation of patient education about their therapy.
  • Availability of a medical back-up physician.