Insurer’s Examination


Insurer’s Examination

Determining the right response to an insurance claim can be a challenge when claimants have complex injuries and conditions. In such cases, an impartial insurer’s examination may be needed to reach an outcome that's satisfactory for all involved. CBI Health Group works with Canadian insurance companies to provide medical assessments that are objective, comprehensive and defensible — and tailored to answer your specific questions. We're able to expedite examinations by a wide range of healthcare specialists, from chiropractors to neurologists, in order to move the claim process forward and keep costs — and time spent — to a minimum.

We're the experts when it comes to clients with complex injuries and conditions, providing high quality, evidence-based insurer’s examinations when you need them. Whether it's a concussion, spinal cord injury, brain injury or even a pre-existing condition that's complicating the recovery process — such as depression or anxiety — we know how to determine the eligibility and extent of a claim. Take the guesswork out of insurance claims: reach out to the assessment specialists at CBI Health Group today.

Turn to our certified professionals when you need an insurer’s examination for:

  • Hospital discharges
  • Attendant care assessments
  • Home assessments
  • Assistive device/home modification prescriptions
  • Job site analysis (physical/cognitive)
  • Functional abilities evaluations (physical/cognitive)
  • Vocational assessments, including transferable skills analyses and labour market surveys
  • Future care cost assessments