Mental Health


Mental health encompasses stress, depression, grief and other conditions that can compromise your physical, psychological, social and vocational wellbeing. That's why CBI Health Group's mental health programs are delivered by a multidisciplinary team of specialists — including psychologists, cognitive therapists and registered clinical counsellors — who understand how to tailor treatment to individual needs and ensure a better health outcome.

We're here to provide the right help at the right time, whether you have an injury that requires behavioural therapy or your anxiety about driving is preventing you from carrying out the functions of your job. Learn more about our range of mental health programs, many of which are covered by healthcare, compensation and insurance plans.

Our treatments include:

  • TriBalance Program: Provides a safe, supportive environment for mild to moderately depressed clients to learn and implement functional and behavioural strategies that will improve their ability to cope with stress/professional burnout, depression, chronic fatigue and anxiety and panic disorders.
  • PGAP®: Our Progressive Goal Attainment Program is the first disability prevention program specifically designed to target psychosocial risk factors for disability. Its purpose is to reduce psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress, promote re-integration into life-role activities, enhance quality of life and facilitate return to work.
  • Registered Clinical Counselling: Our registered clinical counsellors (RCCs) apply clinical mental health values, principles and methods in order to help patients address their issues and enhance their personal and relational wellbeing.
  • Registered Psychology: Our registered psychologists are trained in the study of human behaviour and the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues and behavioural disorders including depression, phobias, post-traumatic stress, anger management, substance abuse and more.
  • Community Activation Program (CAP): Delivered one-on-one by a mental health support worker under the direction of an occupational therapist, CAP is tailored for individuals who struggle with basic daily tasks, are unsuitable for group treatment or need additional support to return to work.