Occupational Therapy


Whether you're recovering from illness, returning to work after an accident or simply learning to cope with the effects of aging, occupational therapy may be able to help you resume the daily activities that matter to you. At CBI Health Group, we help people achieve their full potential in the occupation of day-to-day living by determining the right solutions for their individual health and recovery needs — in terms of self-care, work, study or leisure — developing step-by-step strategies and providing support where and when it’s needed.

We take an integrated, holistic approach to occupational therapy. In fact, our Occupational Therapists work in close collaboration with a multidisciplinary network of clinicians — including physiotherapists, speech therapists and psychologists — to deliver comprehensive care and personalized programs. Our treatment programs can be covered by healthcare plans, workers' compensation plans, automobile and other insurance plans — and are delivered in a wide range of environments and situations, from homes to schools and clinics. Find out how our professional caregivers can help you develop the day-to-day skills you need to remain an active participant in your own life.

Our occupational therapy services at a glance:

  • Our mission is to provide high-quality rehabilitation services that minimize disability and promote participation at home, school, work and within the community.
  • Our certified occupational therapists provide skills for the job of living and address the problems that interfere with your ability to do the activities or occupations that are important to you.
  • Our home-based services are appropriate for anybody experiencing significant difficulty performing personal care, housekeeping, home maintenance and/or caregiving activities.
  • Our work-site services, which include job site analysis and job coaching programs, are tailored for people who are unable return to work.
  • We also provide in-clinic services for people who have significant barriers to recovery because of a complicated diagnosis or medical history.